Join epic adventures in the pioneer MMO – Ultima Online FREE Shard

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We recommend using our own ultima online free client because we have many custom features built in which enhance your game experience.

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If you dislike our client however, you can still use Razor:

For Razor users : IP:   port.: 2593

How to install?

Check out our guide on Wiki: Guide to install downloaded ultima online free client

Ultima Online FREE: The Lost City Shard Overview

  • The Lost City is a Custom created City north of Trammel Yew. In Lost City you can find almost every NPC´s you need to train your first skills.
  • The City has a bank with auction place and vendor stones on top, questbooks, vendor mall, museum with underground dungeon, arena, show room with customs and colors in it and last but not least portal room with sparkling gates to all trammel, felucca, ilshenar and tokuno dungeons, mining zone, new player fighting area, dojo (training centre), level store room and to a few champion spawn locations.
  • No Skill Cap each skill can be raised to 145 on Lost City Shard / Stats Caps are at 335/360 with +25 Stats Powerscroll.
  • Fast skill gains and insurance is only 100gp per item.
  • PvP/Pk-ing is allowed but only in felucca and not during events.
  • On this Shard you are allowed to have up to 3 Accounts with each 5 characters.
  • With each account you are allowed to own 1 house (for more you will need house extansion deed no upper limit).
  • Further you are allowed to train skills, level pets, gear or gather resources while being AFK. More >>>

New players Guide

First tip: Don’t try to get the best stuff right off. Normal magic gear isn’t as good a level-able gear, but it will get you started and help to earn the money, badges and skill to get the level-able gear you want. Ask in game some players have some free stuff for new players to get them started like LRC gear or something to train melee skills. With a weapon and shield equipped you can train melee skills at trainings centre, if you meet another new player there go to the new player dungeon there to beat the boss inside together. This New Player Dungeon you can only enter if your skills are below 1000 points with rats and giant rats inside. I heard a nice beginner weapon should drop there. Or i recommend to go to the rat killing zone, portals to there are in lost city gate room, and take questbooks with you that will also give you some small starting capital. More >>>