February Updates

February – 15 – 2013

We fixed some bugs and added some cool new features.

  • Carpentry BoDs can be taken out of Bod Book
  • Commodity Deeds fixed labels for custom ores
  • Vendors cant have too many items in its buy Backbag
  • Added 2 Items in Grizzles loot
  • Yard Gump fixed line that chrased the server
  • Spectre Dungeon fixed

February – 11 – 2013

  • Tailor BoD Book Filter work right now
  • Carpentry Filter added to Bulk Order Books
  • Green Beaker is now available in glassblower menu for health leech crafting
  • Small blue bottle is now available in glassblower menu for mana leech crafting
  • Pet slot goes down immediately if pet is released
  • Grizzly Bear BoD is now repaired to correctly accept the bears into it
  • Higher Blacksmith BoDs from Blaze and higher will give better Rewards too now


Boss Unass in the game. Game admin and owner.

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  1. tutizen April 13, 2013 |
    With these updates server seems to best in world :) icant wait to play again
  2. Quazi October 18, 2013 |
    Shard down Friday 10/18?

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