Q: Can I get all premium things without donating?

Yes, you can. We are not greedy. It just takes a little longer.

Q: What do I get for donating?

  • You are rewarded with 10 City Gold per USD.
  • Money goes for server maintenance and improvements.
  • Screenshot: Donation Reward StoneDonations are automated. In the city find The Donation Stone and begin by double-clicking on it. A pop-up will show up asking for your PayPal e-mail address and after donation is complete, the reward will appear in your bank box.

Q: What’s the stat cap?

335 overall 365 with Harrower scrolls, 125 per stat. Overall each Stats 160 (with bonus on lvl Gear).

Q: Does this shard have PvP?

Yes but only in Felucca.

Q: What are Badges of Slaying?

A currency used for buying and crafting special things such as levelable items.

Q: Where can I get Badges of Slaying?

They drop from all monsters with fame higher than 1000. It also depends on how much bonus luck you have on your gear.You can also do Quest and get them for quest points.

Q: What is City Gold?

It’s a reward for donators.

Q: How do I get City Gold?

By donating or exchanging Badges of Slaying for it or exchanging it for gold from other players.

Q: How do I get a vendor on the player market?

You rent a small place on the market then you buy a contract of employment in the bank and place a vendor on the rented place.

Q: How much does insurance cost?

100 gold per item (you need the gold in your bank for it to work).

Q: What is a level-able item?

It’s a special item that gains experience with kills, you gain ability points for each level, that you can assign to attributes.