New vendor and A Grim Reaper buff

The new vendor enables an easier vending experience for the owner as well as the clients, it also does not constantly need money to keep it running and can be placed anywhere without the help of a GM it also enables owners to quickly add items without having to set a price for each item separately and also has the option of setting anything as currency more vendor updates and functions will follow in time (more functionality, more visual choice etc.). As for the Grim Reapers their AI got a slight buff so that they do not act as harmless monsters anymore.

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  1. tutizen December 20, 2013 |
    unass we cant log in is there a down after patch?
  2. Captain Ahab December 20, 2013 |
    Can't Log In - Alos - WHAT'S with the Capcha!? It is ridiculous to have to do a captcha every screen you navigate for this site. GET RID OF THE CAPCHA SO WE CAN PARTICIPATE ON THIS SITE!
    • Unass December 20, 2013 |
      Hi, we are having some technical problems, but we are working on it... Before we didn't have capcha and there was a lot of spam and other unwanted spam ... Maybe we can find some middle solution ...
      • Aardimus January 1, 2014 |
        I don't mind doing a capcha, I just hate failing at it 75% of the time...
  3. Aardimus January 1, 2014 |
    Also I noticed a change to the Holy Light spell, it only does damage to things that happen to be on your same level of ground, so if the are a bit higher or lower than you are they are unharmed, but can still hit you.

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