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Hello All

Quick announcement we are aware of the recent server crashes they are due to hardware failure from running the server, we already have a backup but we are still setting it up we are expecting to be full operational in a few days. until then we kindly ask that you remain patient since the server will be running but it might encounter problems(it might not but just in case).

We have also updated the game in the following ways:
Made changes to the mining system from now on metal veins will spawn around the world that will be colored depending on the resource they give, you can harvest them with any pickaxe or prospectors tool, shovels are still used to collect sand and ores the old way but we have reduced the amount of ores that outputs, added elementals for platinum, toxic, ice etc., gargoyles pickaxe upgrades the ore you are gathering by 1level but has a chance of spawning a elemental it also works on platinum but you will not recieve the +1, the downside is that you can not get gems from harvesting with a gargoyles pickaxe, the prospectors tool now does not upggrade the ore but it increases the chance of finding a gem by x2, veins have 25 ores in them, if your skill in mining is 120 you get a bonus 1 ore per harvest, if your skill is 140 you get another bonus 1 ore per harvest all veins in felucca reward a bonus 1 ore per harvest so in theory you can gain 40 ores from a 25ore vein, we also added 105 powerscrolls on champions and added mining to the drop list so now you can progress in mining normaly, both trees and ores will now first try to spawn as the best available resource up to the alowed amount, for example if there are less than 3600 ebony trees zircote will not spawn the spawner will first spawn all the ebonys, same goes for better resources the better it is the more priority it gets. you can find the new veins in mines(highest density), dungeons, deserts, and forests(lowest density) but it might take a while for the spawner to spaw a noticable amount of veins.

Thank You For Your Patience And Continued Support!

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