Bio system update

With these update the admins can easily recover the bio creature if you lose it and if it was player foul you can get it back for 100 Cg

Useful Commands For The Game

Frustrated by not knowing all the shortcuts that makes other players life’s easier? Check out this short guide.

Animal breeding

If you want to breed animals you need to be near animal breeder. then you click on to the animal and chose NPC info, there it will show a button to click on for breeding if animal is able to breed click on READ MORE

Premium book

Premium book

Today’s update was a premium book, now you can buy all premium things from that book you can get the book in front of the museum where premium vendors are.

February Updates

February Updates

Summary of the updates that were applied on the 11th and 15th of February.

We fixed some bugs and added some cool new features.

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