hardware fried

hello all there was a bad storm yesterday and it caused hardware damage… technicians are already working on the problem… hope they will solve the problem soon … thank you for your understanding…


Hello all i am sorry for the lag today we had rely bad storm where the sever is. All the hardware is ok but the connections is having little trouble hope that will be solved soon… Thank you for your understanding …


New: [BandSelf (alias [bs) command. New: any weapon/jewel/armor/clothing can be made levelable with a deed that will be made available. Powerscroll books are now cursed. Master of the arts has a chance to drop a ancient carpentry hammer, which has a bonus of READ MORE

Update Bug Fix

Added 6 ML weapon abilities ( bladeweave, force arrow, force of nature, lightning arrow, psychic attack, serpent arrow ). Added newbie donation boxes. No longer possible to create a character that has the same or similar name as an existing player. Crafting at READ MORE

Hello All, We Have Opened a Wikipedia For Our Shard

Hello, you are all welcome to see our new wiki so you can use it to learn from it so you will get the best experience from the Ultima Online game. Also you can directly open the wiki site from in game by READ MORE

Update And Bug Repair

Breeding limited to level 50 (used to be 60). Allured creatures can be shrunk. Breeding allured animals will produce 3-slotted off springs. Allured creatures that went wild can now be re-allured. Added command [bondtime Added info about how many houses you can own READ MORE


Added 4 new spellweaving spells. Updated shrink system to prohibit shrinking allured pets. Vendor stone no longer gets placed in owner’s pack after restart. Vendor stone improvements on currency withdrawal.

MasterLooterBackpack, 2 archeology items to xml quest

MasterLooterBackpack has bless charges for contained items. Added 2 archeology items to xml quest points reward.

mantaining the machine

Hello all we are doing some maintenance work on the server computer… thank you all for understanding

Irk bug fix, housing update and vendor coloring

Irk bug fix, housing update and vendor coloring

Fixed the bug which caused Irks to mangle players after they cast a spell on them, made it possible to color the new player vendor stones, limited the amount of houses a player can have to 1 (existing houses will not be affected) READ MORE

New vendor and A Grim Reaper buff

The new vendor enables an easier vending experience for the owner as well as the clients, it also does not constantly need money to keep it running and can be placed anywhere without the help of a GM it also enables owners to READ MORE

Today’s update is about flying ships, souls and some bug repairs

Today we have added the following: – Flying ships, you will be able for souls which drop from Grim Reapers. – Balanced Grim Reapers, harder and they drop the souls – collect them in order to buy a flying ship. – Bugs with READ MORE

New Parallel World Added With Zombies :D

Hello all, with today’s update we added a new world full of zombies, if you enter these world you will be attacked by a Grim Reaper and if he kills you there will be created a copy of you as a zombie same READ MORE

Master Loot bag

Hello all, with these update we added a Master loot bag, you chose which things you want to loot, you can do so by clicking once on the bag and chose setup… These Loot bag can be bought from Premium Cataloger and charges READ MORE

Server restart

Some basic core back up and machine maintenance has been done, thank you all for understanding…

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