Back Online

We are back online…

Srver offline

Hello we are on it… Thank you for reporting the issue… More update coming soon … Unass

Solved The Problem

Server back online Bug was in master looter bag … Thank you all for your support and all that you do for our shard ! Thank You !! Unass

Srver Crash/Freez

We found the error we are on it… Thank you all for patience… Unass

Update And Bug Repair

Dreadhorn deletes itself if not attacked for some time. Portable forge and anvil different color. No longer possible to steal from Master Looter backpack. Spirit of the totem no longer has durability. Bugfix in pet system. Salvation stone for lost newbies. Thank You READ MORE

Update And Bug Repair

Made portable anvil on the Premium Catalogue. Portable anvil and forge now work if they are in the backpack. Master looter bag gives warning if it is traded. Fix potential memory leak in pet breeding system. Updated grizzle, if nobody hurts it for READ MORE

bug fixed – back online

Thank you all for being patient, we are growing in numbers by player online so please be patient with crashes we are doing best to repair it on the way … Thank you all for supporting us so we can do the repairs…

Estimated Repair Time GMT 10:32 hours

Estimated repair time from 4 to 10 hours …. Thank you all for making these possible !!! Unass

we found the problem 08-11-2014 time GMT 09:09

Hello all, we found freeze problem… we are working on it … it might take a few hours to repair it … thank you for your understanding … And thank you all for helping the shard as you did so these repairs are READ MORE


Hello it might take up to 20 min … we are installing back programs … Thank you for your patience … Unass

Update And Bug Repair

Another update update next week…. Thank you all for helping the shard getting better !!!

We used internet crash for some minor update

New features:

PATCH client – before 07-14-2014

Hello, Please download these patch and extract it in to Ultima Online folder overwrite it and you will be able to connect in to the server once again… here is the link for patch  click on it .:       PATCH If you don’t know READ MORE


Fixed levelable items – changed spending points configuration to old values and fixed a bug with double “Information” in the menu. Levelable item deed cannot be used on items that are already levelable. Added name change gump when you log in if your READ MORE

Harware Repaired

Every thing is working now, there shouldn’t be any more lagg .. thank you for your patience

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