Premium book

Premium book

Today’s update was a premium book, now you can buy all premium things from that book you can get the book in front of the museum where premium vendors are.


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  1. tutizen April 13, 2013 |
    What is the book for ? What is in it?
  2. Unass April 14, 2013 |
    If you take this book (it is located in front of the museum) and put in your backpack and if you double click it the price list for premium items will appear. And there you can choose what you want to buy for city gold (you have 79 items to choose from) gold can be obtained 1)from donations automatically, 2) from collecting badges of slaying, 3)you can buy it from other players for gold or 4)help game masters with the shard,or you can also get it on some events.

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